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International procedure specification for Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

S3000L short

S3000L describes the LSA process and the corresponding analysis activities to be considered for the definition and ongoing maintenance of a suitable support environment to operate technical complex and long-living products. Complementary to the procedural chapters of the specification, the corresponding data model is described by a detailed UML model based on ISO Standard 10303, AP239, PLCS. A schema has been derived from the UML model to enable the exchange of data.

Purpose of performing LSA

The specification S3000L is designed to cover the activities and requirements for the establishment of the LSA process

• to create an Integrated Product Support solution;

• to identify required resources to support a system;

• to reduce costs;

• to increase availability;

• to exchange information between different parties;

• and to store data and results for future reference;

• in a structured and methodological way.

To ensure the maximum availability against the minimum costs of technically complex and long-living products, it is essential to identify the required resources and create a proper product support environment from the beginning of the product usage phase. An extensive analysis process must be established to cover the support requirements for the complete life cycle. This process ensures the consideration of all product support requirements during the design and development phase, the in-service phase and finally during the disposal phase.

LSA activities cover a wide range of technical and logistic analyses and the documentation of the results. The outcome form the basis for the subsequent disciplines within the ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) process like technical documentation or materiel support.


The specification S3000L is designed to provide guidance for analysis activities during the LSA process.

A schema derived from of the S3000L UML model and a detailed data element list enables the storage and exchange of information using XML files. A set of ‘valid values’ schemas are provided to support the tailoring of the data set and adaptation to the program requirements. The following aspects are included:

• S3000L supports the design of an LSA process in the initial project phases including the performance of an LSA Guidance Conference

• S3000L provides rules for the creation of a suitable product breakdown and for the selection of LSA candidate items

• S3000L describes type and methodology for specified analysis activities

• S3000L provides guidelines on how to process the results of the different analysis activities and on how to achieve a cost-efficient support concept

• S3000L describes the interface to the customer within the LSA process

• S3000L covers the interface between the LSA process and the analysis activities of the support engineering areas like Reliability, Maintainability and Testability analysis (RM&T)

• S3000L describes the interface between the LSA process and the ILS disciplines, which provide the ILS products like:

• Personnel and training requirements

• Spare parts and consumables support

• Technical documentation

• Special support and test equipment

• Facilities/infrastructure requirements

• Software support requirements

• S3000L describes the identification of maintenance tasks and the Maintenance Task Analysis

S3000L contributors

The S3000L development activities started in 2006. These were initiated by an international team under the joint chairmanship of ASD (Aerospace and Defence Association of Europe) and AIA (Aerospace Industries Association) representatives. The following companies and organizations are supporting the S3000L activities in the S3000L Steering Committee or contributed to the initial development of the specification.

AgustaWestland United Kingdom
Airbus Defence & Space Germany, Spain
Airbus Helicopters France
Boeing USA
Comac China
Dassault France
Heme Life Cycle Management Germany
HiCo Austria
KCIG Engineering Support Germany
LogKdoBw Germany
MBDA France
O’Neil USA
Russian CALS Group Russia
Saab Sweden
Selex Italy
UK MoD United Kingdom

Observers are welcome to attend the S3000L Steering Committee and participate during the meetings!

S3000L development history

The final draft of the specification S3000L, issue 0.1 was officially published in June 2009 at ASD in Brussels. The main purpose of this publication was to enable experts from interested companies and organizations to provide comments on the first draft to the S3000L team. The commenting phase was closed by end of 2009. More than 20 experts from different nations contributed to improve the final draft for the publication of the first official issue 1.0 in June 2010.

With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between ASD & AIA at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2010, the ASD/AIA ILS Council was formed and the ILS community implemented a new platform for harmonization and coordination of the different ILS specification activities. The set of ILS specifications is published and managed by the ASD/AIA ILS Council is known as the ASD/AIA S-Series of ILS specifications. In November 2010 the kickoff of the S3000L Steering Committee (S3000L-SC) took place in Washington, the first official SC meeting took place in April 2011.

In July 2014, issue 1.1 of S3000L was released. In this issue, a rework of the S3000L data model and of the data exchange chapter was done. Additional improvements have been made to nearly all chapters based on many comments and change proposals.

At the end of 2015, the new approach for data exchange was realized by the development and publication of the S3000L XML schema based on the UML model from issue 1.1..

The specification is organized into 22 chapters, which can be grouped into the following clusters:

Chapter 1 Introduction and general guidance on how to use the Specification
Chapters 2-17 Procedural chapters describing the LSA process and the corresponding analysis activities
Chapter 18 Description of interrelations to other S-Series specifications: S1000D, S2000M, S4000P, S5000F and SX000i. (This chapter will be extended to include new S-Series specifications as they are published).
Chapter 19-20 Data modeling part including UML model and data exchange definitions
Chapter 21 Terms, abbreviations and acronyms
Chapter 22 Alphabetical Data Element List (DEL)

S3000L specification maintenance

The relationship of S3000L with other ASD specifications is described in Chapter 18 of the specification. These other specifications can be found on their respective websites page. A permanent maintenance process for the S3000L specification is required to ensure the continuing improvement of future issues. Comments, suggestions for improvement and requests for clarification can be submitted to the S3000L Steering Committee through the common ILS specification commenting tool

Relationship with other specifications

The relationship of S3000L with other S-Series specifications is described in Chapter 18 of the specification. These other specifications can be found on their respective websites, which are listed in our Links page. An overview of the S-Series Suite of ILS specifications can be found here.

S3000L can be downloaded for free on this website from our Downloads section.

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